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In a time of global upheaval, almost everyone experiences difficult life situations—situations in daily life, situations in family life, situations in community life, and situations in life worldwide. Almost everyone is pushed to their limits by these situations.We know that this global upheaval is not easy and often very stressful for you.

At the same time, we can observe that the light in the heart of many inhabitants of this planet has been kindled, because these inhabitants have understood the current situation and have realized that low-frequency thinking is dragging them down into low-vibrational levels of everyday life.

These inhabitants of planet Earth have understood that light in their heart and bright thoughts free them from the low-frequency levels of earthly life and lift them up into the light-filled levels of earthly life. They have understood that a light-filled mind and an illuminated heart draw them to positive people, to positive situations, and to everything that is positive in everyday life.

Those of you reading these lines are certainly among these inhabitants, and you know that darkly vibrating thoughts do not get you very far. On the contrary, low-frequency thoughts pull you down into the low-vibrational levels of the third dimension of consciousness that still partially exist on this planet.

Happiness and Joy in the Here and Now

Life on this planet is certainly bringing you much joy and happiness in everyday life as well. It is enough to look around, and you will see that this planet offers many moments in which you can experience happiness and joy. Human beings have simply forgotten that the happiness of daily life is what brought them to this planet in the first place.

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You experience moments, even days, in your life that are extremely joyful and worth celebrating. These moments of happiness in everyday life, however small, are one of the reasons you incarnated on this planet—to experience happiness, no matter how insignificant or imperceptibly small you perceive it to be.

Rejoice in the fact that you are here, that you are alive, that you exist. Rejoice in the fact that you are allowed to dwell in such a perfectly functioning body, one that serves you without you having to make any effort. Rejoice at the sight of flowers, trees, nature, animals, and small children. Live more in the present moment—in the here and now.

The present moment connects you with all the gifts arising from what is happening on this planet. The present moment connects you with all the frequencies that surround you. Try to connect your soul and mind with your heart.

In this moment of connection—the here and now—your systems unite. Your heart feels the power of your wholeness; it feels lovingly empowered.

In this moment, it feels like your soul and mind are located in the loving center of your body and your heart can connect with the multidimensionality of your soul. Your soul is multidimensional and its parts are able to spread into the most varied times and spaces of this universe. No matter where they are in time and space or in which loved ones’ bodies they exist, all parts of your soul feel connected to you and receive light, love, and healing.

Perhaps parts of your soul are in people with whom you are currently together in your incarnation or part of your incarnation. All the parts of your soul can be healed and illuminated through your personal connection in the present moment.

In the present moment, full of light, you are lovingly connecting with parts of your soul that belong to you. You all influence each other. You are all connected with each other. Everything is connected with everything else.

Connected in Love and Light in the Here and Now

Everything is connected in love and light. Or should I say, everything should be connected in love and light. As a result of the manipulation of the human community and its systems, fissures have opened up both between human beings and within humanity as a whole that prevent energy from circulating freely.

Everything is made of circles, of circular energy, of circular shapes. Everything is interconnected through circles of light. Until the human community closes the energy circle and heals the rifts that have created separation among people, it will not be able to ascend collectively to higher dimensions.

In previous texts, we have informed you that the human community is currently undergoing divine healing because the manipulative intervention was too great and the human community would not have succeeded in healing itself in the near future. At this time, the important thing is the ascent to higher levels of consciousness. Planet Earth has already adopted higher frequencies; now it is the turn of the human community.

This precise moment in time, the here and now, is helping every one of you to meet on the consciousness level in order to contribute to the overall healing of the population. You are all connected to each other on the level of collective consciousness, and all of you influence each other. Let the power of the present moment expand positively into all levels of your existence.

In this moment, in the here and now, you not only heal yourself; you also heal parts of your soul and other beings with whom you are connected through your purest essence, and through this you are all connected to each other. All of you are connected simultaneously, both on this planet and in the dimension of what humans call “heaven.”

Feeling Unity and Magic In the Here and Now

In the moment of the here and now, you feel the unity and the magic of the light world. You feel your connection with the light beings, your connection with the Divine Source. You lose your awareness of time, which has often created what you refer to as “stress” on this planet. You feel your connection with all the positive and light-filled frequencies and beings that exist on this planet. The here and now connects you with the spaces and times of the cosmic world, which is ordered according to the loving laws and rules of the cosmos.

In this moment, you feel the connection with yourself and your own power flowing through you. You are one, you are whole, you are perfect, you are absolute—just as you are, in this moment. Nothing else matters in this moment—no past, no future, only the now, right here.

Even these words – the here and now – were programmed by Divine Intelligence to allow you to successfully stay in the present moment and overcome earthly time. In the here and now. Linger in this place, and as often as you can, try to transport yourself to the present moment. Such moments infuse you with life energy and connect you with the cosmic world, where time does not exist.

In this moment you are healing yourself, all the parts of your soul, all your loved ones—basically, all the human beings and souls of the human community, physical and nonphysical. Your light spreads into all times and spaces of your existence. If you like, you can use the following short exercise and affirmation:

Exercise and Affirmation for the Here and Now

First, ask your soul and mind to enter the chamber of your heart, then repeat the following several times in a row:

“Here and now. Here and now. Here and now.”

Feel the peace that comes to you (“here and now”).

Feel the connection with everything radiant and loving (“here and now”).

Feel the connection with everything that gives you strength and energy (“here and now”).

Feel your own power (“here and now”).

Continue, saying:

Here and now, I am happy.”

Here and now, I am perfect.”

Here and now, I am absolute.”

Here and now, I live my divine being.”

These words encode themselves in your system. They also encode themselves in the system of the human collective. Your words help to close the subtle cracks that still exist in the human community.

If you like, you can reshape these affirmations to suit your needs. The words “here and now” carry the divine vibration and help you harness the power of the present moment.

We thank you for your help and for healing not only your system but also the system of humanity.

Peace be with you.
Peace be with us.

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Pleiadian Soul Healing: Light Messages for Cosmic Freedom
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