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You cannot Create in effort; you can Create only in PLEASURE. Every time you are looking for solutions thinking about what to do, you are doing, you are not Creating. When you Create, it is the solution that manifests itself to You. It is not you who are looking for it. When you Create, it is the vital energy that comes to You, the energy recalled by PLEASURE and the Sensuality that you feel in everything.

In every experience you live, ask yourself: “Am I ENJOYING right now?”

It does not matter what you are doing: it can be eating, sleeping, or writing. The question is: “Am I ENJOYING? DO I FEEL what I live in every one of my cells? Or am I just doing?”

If the response of your consciousness tells you that you are doing, you are not Creating.

Creation is born from PLEASURE, and this is effortless.


Now, Staying in the present Consciousness, observe the past . . . I am not telling you to enter the past; I am inviting you to observe. OBSERVE.

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As a soul every time you chose to go down to Earth, you chose a womb, a home in which to prepare yourself for your coming. You wanted that womb; you did not want another one, You Wanted that Mother and You Wanted that Father to be the masculine of your coming.

NOW, in this instant I invite you to breathe, breathe deeply, let go of all thoughts. Many of them are not yours.


Breathe, let go of the mind that makes you see the conflicts you had with your parents. They are not conflicts; they are evolutionary experiences.

The purpose of the FAMILY of ORIGIN is really to help you evolve. It does not matter how it went. It matters now how it goes. When you came down to Earth, You chose them. You wanted those PARENTS, and beyond what Your conception was, You were born from PLEASURE.

You were born from ENJOYMENT. You were born from the union and fusion of masculine and feminine energy. The spermatozoon and the egg met, fell in love, united and fused, and ENJOYING themselves, they Created.


ENJOYMENT in Creation is natural.

This is the Eternal Consciousness you need to Create. This is what you need to CREATE.

DOING is born out of fear. CREATING is born out of Trust.

In DOING you use only a part of YOU. In CREATING You are all of YOU.

In DOING you use You. In CREATING you ENJOY YOU.

The essence of the masculine nectar is the spermatozoon, that of the feminine energy is the Crystal cave of the egg.

When these meet they ENJOY; they do not strive.

Everything is natural. Everything is simple. Everything is normal.

Creation is simple.

In CREATION there is no effort.

This is the Consciousness of Creating.

A spermatozoon and an egg that meet ENJOY, not strive. Through the nectar of the masculine energy, the spermatozoon with its Sweet Firmness chooses that egg. It does not want another. Just like the spirit chooses Your soul; it wanted HER, not another. The inherent reception of the ovarian cup was ready to welcome that masculine because that was its masculine; it did not want another. This is what happens within You as well.

Let Go...

I say to you: let go of the fact that you are a man or a woman. You are a DIVINE-HUMAN.

The spermatozoon is the Spirit; the egg is the Soul.

The dance of the Masculine and the Feminine began at the origin of Creation. When it began, they enjoyed themselves; they did not strive. Through their ENJOYMENT, they allowed You to experience yourself.

Now, as you read and feel this frequency, breathe it into Yourself. If you get distracted from the mass consciousness you will say:

“Yes Myriam, but all the experiences in which I suffered so much where do we put them? I could have done without them.”

Of course, you could have done without them if you had another consciousness, but the time was not ripe. Now it is. Now You are a nondormant conscious being. Now it is the Time of Your Eternal Consciousness. Now it is the Time you have always waited for.

No past should be repudiated; it should only be alchemically transmuted.

Nothing is destroyed; everything is Transformed.

Every experience you had has been necessary to MAKE YOU who you Are.

The consciousness of DOING is different from the Consciousness of CREATING.

Explore... Experience...

In this moment of deep exploration, what you experience is precious, not harmful. It is a GIFT.

I know you experience moments when tears wet your eyes. Let it happen without getting into the drama. Let your tears bathe you as they did when you were in Your Mother’s womb. You were immersed in water, and when you were born, you gushed to life as if from a spring, letting Your beauty shine through.

Everything is natural. Breathe . . . Let it happen. Allow it to happen.

All the experiences you have are just experiences. There are no mistakes in them; there is nothing wrong with them. Whoever judges remains in the consciousness of what is good and right. It is the faded message recorded in some of your old cells that, moment after moment, breath after breath, are continuously renewing themselves. You can be unaware, not guilty.

You Are...

You are not erasing the old.

You are renewing yourself with NEW CELLS.

You are TRANSMUTING . . .

Look at your face, observe your skin, feel your body of consciousness speaking to you. Let yourself be enlightened by your body of Light that gradually penetrates you passionately, as the Spirit has penetrated your Soul.

As the Fire has penetrated the Water, as the Air has penetrated Earth.

As the spirit has penetrated YOU, because You are SOUL.

You are a talking soul, a playing soul, a laughing soul, a sensually alive soul.

You are the All.

You are the New.

You are Whole.

You are Complete.

Give yourself to You.



Let yourself GIVE, not help.

Help comes from NEED, and You have to be there to fill yourself with You. There cannot be someone else in your place.


You are not your body, you are not your thoughts, you are not your emotions, you are not energy. You are consciousness. You are who you are with the awareness of being aware.

This is consciousness.

Every word contains a consciousness.

The same word for each of you has a different resonance.

Because each of you had different experiences that gave origin to that word that holds their frequency.

Breathe . . .

Be Kind to You. Be full of GRACE with You.

Be lovingly complicit with Yourself.

No one can do that for you.

Surrender yourself and Give yourself to You.

Soul companion . . .


Creation is FAST.

Creation happens in an instant and ENJOYS infinity.

It does not matter how long it took You to understand an aspect of You, an experience, the childhood, other lives, and all that you discovered; it does not matter what happened when you become Aware that this was an experience not your condemnation. The CONSCIOUSNESS changes, it transmutes. New Energy comes to You.

The Creation of Consciousness of a New Experience is immediate.

Let go of the old belief system that makes you think you need as much time to integrate your aspects as you did previously, devoting many years to what humans call therapy. The word therapy contains an old consciousness. And the old separates you, holds you back.

Breathe Now...

BREATH, that is what you need.

Compared to before, more and more you find yourself breathing deeply NOW, not because you understand something but because you are allowing yourself to be.

You know that so much can come to you NOW. Open yourself up. Embrace it.

Breathe deeply.

The old goes by itself when it does not feel nurtured.

The Eternal comes to You when it feels desired.

Breathe, Breathe, Breathe ancient soul.

Breathe and rest in You.

It is simple. It is really so simple that sometimes it feels weird.

Everything is simple.

Everything is essential.

Everything is natural.

Simplicity unhinges the gates of the mind.

NOW, it is precisely of the mind that I wish to speak to you.

Breathe . . . breathe and listen . . .

A way to DISTRACT YOURSELF from the soul is to blame someone and often the mind too.



THE MIND is there and desires YOUR love, as does THE SHADOW.


You Are BODY.

You Are MIND.


You Are LIGHT.



You Are ALL.

How many times do you find yourself saying: “Yes, but my mind . . . ”

Or: “It is my rational side . . . It is my mind that makes me believe . . . ” Those are excuses. EXCUSES do not mean you are wrong.

You talk about the MIND as if it lives in a separate house from you.

It lives in You. You cannot always blame it. It serves no one.

To point your finger at the mind is to point the finger at You who are also mind.

Mind, lying, are sounds that evoke the Consciousness of the false, which is why you avoid it. A musical refrain that stiffens you for what was, not for what is.

Inside You there is a part that is afraid of being false.

The mind is an instrument that plays through You and for You.

The one who plays it, however, is you; the music is Yours, and it is wonderful as it is.

Soul companion . . .

Be Kind To Yourself...

When you truly are kind to yourself, you will not expect others to be kind to you, and as a result, others will naturally be kind to you.

Step out of PRETENSION and enter into PRESENCE.

The Mind is the masculine part of you. And this is not to blame. It must be loved, not criticized.

To continue to deny the mind dressed as masculine is to allow it to come back stronger than before.

Let your masculine celebrate.

Celebrate its surrender.

The feminine energy RECEIVES.

The masculine energy is the one that GIVES.

The GIFT comes from the MASCULINE within You, and this is why it must be welcomed, not criticized—just like that spermatozoon that wanted only You.

The union, the eternal androgyny, this You Are.

Not masculine or feminine, but masculine and feminine.

There is no longer separation between the two Forces. The energy is one.

It does not matter if your body is that of a man.

It does not matter if it is that of a woman.

It does not matter if you love a man or a woman or love both.

Love, period!

Love the union of You.

Love the completeness of You.

This is the GIFT.

This is the Creation.

This is to Create.

The Eternal Consciousness of the word ENJOY is GOD in all eras.

This is the essence of You.

I love you soul companion. I love you deeply.

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