Natural Hawai'i

Waimanu Valley Trail

 Waimanu Valley Trail:

Trailhead Directions: N. side of Waipio Valley, roughly 100 yards inland from Waipio Beach.
Type: Strenuous 9-mile switchback trail.
Highlights: 1,200 ft to top of ridge, then descend into Waimanu Valley.

A Hike on August 26, 2011 from Waipio Valley, thru the Muliwai trail and into Waimanu Valley. It was a difficult and challenging hike for me. There are about 12 Gulches that you must past thru. In some of the areas, you can get water. There are 4 Helipads along the trail and each will give you some information of how far you are from Waipio or Waimanu Valley.

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