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Hikes in Kauai

Kauai Hiking Trails: Wailua Falls

Kaua'i offers perhaps the most diverse choice of hiking trails of the Hawai'ian islands. It has its own "Grand Canyon" (Waimea Canyon) in the south, the challenging Napali Coast trails on the North Shore, and a wonderful variety in between. Climbing to the top of the Nounou Sleeping Giant is a fairly easy hike and there are several similar hikes that are more relaxing than challenging.

Wailua Falls Trail:

Trailhead Directions:

Ma’alo Rd. 4 miles North of Lihue.
Strenuous, 1/2 mile trail.

Highlights: Wailua River, natural pool at bottom of Wailua Falls.

Things To Do Hikes in Kauai

Nounou Mountain (Sleeping Giant):

Trailhead Directions:

Westside Trail: begins 1/4 mile N. of mile marker 4 on Kuamo’o Rd.  
Eastside Trail: starts from Haleilio Rd., just over a mile W. from Wailua.
Type: Moderate. Round trip = eastside 4 miles; westside 3 miles.
summit (elevation 1,160 ft.), good all-round views, picnicking.

Things To Do Hikes in KauaiKeahua Arboretum Trail:

Trailhead Directions: Kuamo’o  Rd. at the Keahua Arboretum.
Type: Easy, 1 mile round trip.
Highlights: Native and introduced tropical plants, natural pool ideal for swimming.

Kuilau Ridge Trail:

Trailhead Directions: Kuamo’o Rd , just before Keahua Arboretum.
Type: moderate, 4 miles round trip.
Highlights: superb views of the Makaleha Mountains.

Moalepe Trail:

Trailhead Directions: Olohena Rd. and Waipouli Rd.  
Type: 5 miles round trip.
Highlights: views of Makaleha Mountains and ocean.

Na-Pali Coast

Kalalau Trail:

Trailhead Directions: Ke’e Beach, at end of Kuhio Hwy.  
Type: Strenuous, 11 miles.
Highlights: Na Pali Coast, Hanakapiai Beach, Hanakoa Valley, Kalalau Beach and valley.

Hanakapiai Falls Trail:

Trailhead Directions: Kalalau Trail, 2 miles S.W. of Ke’e Beach.  
Type: 3 1/2 miles round trip.
Highlights: Hanakapiai Fall, Hanakapiai Valley, ancient stone walls, ruins of a coffee mill, natural pools.

Hanakoa Falls Trail:

Trailhead Directions:  Kalalau Trail, just W. of mile marker 6.  
moderate 1/2 mile trail.
Hanakoa Stream, Hanakoa Valley 1000 ft Hanakoa Falls, large pool.

Kokee Park

Things To Do Hikes in KauaiIliau Nature Loop Trail:

Trailhead Directions: S. of mile marker 9 on Kokee Rd. S. of mile marker 9 on Kokee Rd.
Easy, 1/2-mile loop.
a Canyon. rare iliau plants, and views of Waimea Canyon.

Kukui Trail:

Trailhead Directions: Iliau Nature Loop Trail trailhead—just S. of mile marker 9 on Kokee Rd.
2 1/2 mile trail.

Waimea canyon floor and Waimea River, kukui nut trees.

Koaie Canyon Trail:

Trailhead Directions: off Kukui Trail. off Kukui Trail.
3-mile trail.

Koaie Stream, swimming.

Things To Do Hikes in KauaiWaimea Canyon Trail:

Trailhead Directions: Halemanu Rd., at mile marker 14.
Strenuous, 1 mile round trip.

Waipoo Falls, Kumuwela Lookout—views of Waimea Canyon.

Halemanu-Kokee Trail:

Trailhead Directions: Halemanu mile marker 14. Halemanu mile marker 14.
1 1/2-mile trail.

koa and lehua forests, native birds.

Nature Trail:

Trailhead Directions: Kokee Natural History Museum on Kokee Road. Kokee Natural History Museum on Kokee Road.
Short loop-trail.

small forest area.

Ditch Trail:

Trailhead Directions: Kumuwela Rd. or Mohihi Rd., from Kokee State Park Headquarters. Kumuwela Rd. or Mohihi Rd., from Kokee State Park Headquarters.
Difficult, 7 miles round trip.

views of Waimea canyon and waterfalls.

Pu'u Ka Ohelo-Berry Flat Trails:

Trailhead Directions: Mohihi Rd. Mohihi Rd.
Easy, 2-mile loop-trail.

California redwoods, Australian eucalyptus, native koa trees.

Nualolo Trail:

Trailhead Directions: W. of Koke’e Park headquarters.
Strenuous, 4-mile trail.

views of Nualolo Valley, Na Pali Coast.

Nualolo Cliff Trail:

Trailhead Directions: Nualolo and Awa’awapuhi trails.
Moderate 2-mile trail. Moderate

views of Nualolo Valley.

Awa’awapuhi Trail:

Trailhead Directions: mile marker 17 on Kokee Rd. mile marker 17 on Kokee Rd.
3/4 mile trail.

views of Awa’awapuhi Valley and Na Pali Coast.

Kaluapuhi Trail:

Trailhead Directions: Mile marker 17 on Kokee Rd. Mile marker 17 on Kokee Rd.
2-mile trail.

wild plums during summer months.

Pihea Trail:

Trailhead Directions: Kokee Rd. (550), at Pu’u o Kila Lookout.
Moderate 3 3/4 mile trail.

Kalalau Valley, Pihea Peak, Alakai Swamp.

Alakai Swamp Trail:

Trailhead Directions: Mohihi Rd near park headquarters. Mohihi Rd near park headquarters.
Strenuous, 3 1/2 mile trail.

swamp, rain forests, bogs, Kilohana Lookout, views of Wainiha Valley and Hanalei Bay.

Kawaikoi Stream Trail:

Trailhead Directions: Mohihi Rd. off Kokee Rd. Mohihi Rd. off Kokee Rd.
Easy, 3-mile loop-trail.

Kawaikoi Stream, swimming, forest areas.

Things To Do Hikes in Kauai
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