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Hawaiian Ceremonies

Hawaiian religion had many deities, and was also based on a belief that spirits are found in animals, the waves, the sky, volcanoes, etc. Religion was not something one partook in one day a week, but rather it was part of everyday life.

Healing & Religion

Religion played an important part in healing treatments. Before a patient was treated, the kahuna performed a ritual of mental cleansing or ho’oponopono. In this counseling type of service the patient and all the members of the household were helped to clear their minds of hatred, jealousy and bitterness.

Under the guidance of the kahuna, those present talked over their problems and resolved their differences. The unburdening continued until all obstacles were cleared away and all offenders were forgiven.

The ho’oponopono technique cleared and prepared the mind of the patient and the minds and thoughts of those attending or near him so that all of them could take part in the prayers offered with the medication. It was understood that the body could not be healed until the spirit was cured.

Hawaiian TikiFarming & Religion

Farming also had religious aspects that were strictly observed. The major gods as well as demigods and goddesses were associated with various phases of agriculture.

There were certain ceremonials to be observed as well as proper times or seasons to plant certain crops, oftentimes according to the moon.

Growing, harvesting, and cooking of all foods was the work of men. Women were forbidden from handling food that was to be consumed by others due to the belief that women were unclean because of menstruation.

Hawaiian Religion
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