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Hikes in Molokai

Hiking on the island of Molokai

The island of Molokai is known worldwide due to Father Damian and his work on a secluded section of the island with the lepers at Kalaupapa. However, Molokai has some of the most amazing scenery in Hawai'i and these views are even more precious due to the rare visitor to be seen in the panorama.

Things To Do Hikes Molokai

Pepeopae Trail

Trailhead Directions: Hwy. 460 to Molokai Forest Reserve Road. After 5 miles, you’ll reach the boundary to the Forest Reserve to Puu Kolekole.
Easy 1 1/2-mile round trip

Protected by Nature Conservancy of Hawaii.

Pelekunu Trail:

Trailhead Directions: Waikolu Valley Lookout .
Unmaintained and extremely difficult.

Lookout point.

Wailau Trail:

Trailhead Directions: Route 45, 15 miles E. of Kaunakakai. Must obtain permission from Pearl Petro (558-8113) to cross private land.
difficult trail which takes six to eight hours.

extends across nearly the entire island from S. to N. — maintained by Sierra Club — passes through muddy rain-forest regions.

Kalaupapa Trail:

Trailhead Directions: Must obtain permission and pay $17.50 for a mandatory tour of the leper colony. Call Molokai Mule Ride 567-6708 or Damien Tours 567-6171 for permission and information.
Descending the N. Pali and into the old leper colony.

Halawa Valley Trail:

Trailhead Directions: Trail near Moaula Falls, along the rocks.
two miles.

Moaula Falls, Hipuapua Falls, swimming.

Moaula Trail:

Trailhead Directions: Route 45 to Halawa Valley. Trail is marked near end of the road, short distance from beach.

Numerous fruit trees, wildlife abounds.

Things To Do Hikes Molokai

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