Natural Hawai'i


Relaxing on the island of Kauai
Kauai Travel and Tourism Information
In the system that classifies the Hawai'ian islands according to chakras, Kaua'i is the third eye (sixth chakra). Thus…
Kauai Beaches
Things To Do: Kauai Beaches
Kaua'i has some of the most beautiful beaches in the world (in our opinion) with miles and miles of sand stretching out…
Camping site on the island of Kauai
Things To Do: Camping in Kauai
Kauai's climate ranges from the lush tropical settings of the North shore to the dry arid beaches of the south. The…
Kauai Hiking Trails: Wailua Falls
Hikes in Kauai
Kaua'i offers perhaps the most diverse choice of hiking trails of the Hawai'ian islands. It has its own "Grand Canyon"…
Things to do on Kauai
Kauai: Things To Do and Places To Go
The island of Kauai invites the visitor to its rounded mountains softened with years of erosion. You can visit a fern…
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