Natural Hawai'i


View of Oahu from the skies

Oahu is nicknamed ‘The Gathering Place’. Its flower is the delicate yellow-orange Lima and it’s official color as well.

Oahu is best known for Waikiki, Pearl Harbor, Waimea Bay and Sunset Beach, but despite all the glitter it has many other things to offer. Oahu has many excellent secluded beaches, Hawaii’s top surfing action, and windward Kailua is one of Hawaii’s most popular windsurfing beaches. Its scenic beauty rivals all other islands.

Honolulu HawaiiPerhaps the sunniest and driest weather in all of Hawaii is found in Honolulu. No wonder so many people live and visit there. It is a modern city with a unique blend of Eastern and Western cultures offering fine beaches, parks, restaurants, accommodations, and transportation.

The bad rap that Hawaii gets as being expensive is discredited in Oahu as it has some of Hawaii’s least expensive accommodations perhaps less than you might pay at home.

Oahu, which covers 594 sq. miles, is the third largest Hawaiian island. It has 112 miles of coast. Its highest point is Mt. Kaala at 4020 feet. Its extreme length is 44 miles, its width 30 miles.


OahuHonolulu is the capital of Hawaii but it also refers to the urban area on the southeastern shore of the island of Oahu. The city and the county are consolidated which encompasses the entire island. The city and county of Honolulu encompasses 2,127 square miles. It also has the distiction of being the the most isolated area of the US being 2400 from California.

While home to many attrations notable is the Bishop Museum with largest collection of Pacific artifacts and archaeological items. In the Hawaiian language, Honolulu means "sheltered bay" or "place of shelter" or "sheltered bay."

In Honolulu the average daily maximum temperature is 84°F, and the minimum is 70°F. Temperatures are a bit higher in summer and a few degrees lower in winter. The highest temperature on record is 94°F and the lowest is 53°F. Average afternoon water temperatures in Waikiki are 77°F in March, 82°F in August.


Waikiki Honolulu HawaiiWhen one thinks of Waikiki they usually mean Waikiki Beach, but to natives, Waikiki is an entire neighborhood of Honolulu. It also has the Honolulu Zoo and the Waikiki Aquarium and fantastic shopping and dining. Waikiki has an average annual rainfall of only 25 inches, whereas the Lyon Arboretum in the upper Manoa Valley, north of Honolulu, averages 158 inches. Mid-afternoon humidity averages 56%

Waikiki Beach is famous for its beaches and it's views of the Diamond Head. It is a two mile stretch of beach on the south shore of the island of Oahu and is usually warm and cloud-free.  It is banked with hotels and other tourist facilities but it also has the very nice Kapiolani Park..

North Shore

Ohau Hawaii North ShoreThe North Shore is an one hour drive from Waikiki and central Honolulu. The beaches of the North Shore include more than 7 miles and attracts some of the best surfers in the world and surfing competions in the world.

The summer months from May-September are the best months for swimming and sunbathing, while the  four winter months from November-February are the best months to experience big waves.

Pearl Harbor

Pearl Harbor HawaiiPearl Harbor is a lagoon and harbor on the west side of the island of Oahu. Most  of the harbor is surrounded by the US naval base and is the home of the US Pacific Fleet.

Best known as the location of the Japanese attack which brought the US into WWII on December 7, 1941.

The area houses the popular Pearl Harbor Memorial.

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