Natural Hawai'i

About Hawai'i

Locationof Hawaiian Islands
General Information on the Hawaiian Islands
Today, more than 130 islands, islets, and shoals make up the Hawaiian Islands, stretching 1,600 miles across an expanse…
People of Hawaii
People and Population
Hawaii owes much of its charm and potential to its ethnic diversity. Perhaps nowhere on earth is there such potential…
Hawaii Weather
One of the most common reasons for visiting Hawaii is the weather. Cooling trade winds, low humidity, high pressure,…
Hawaiian Economy
The economy of Hawaii can best be described as in transition from agriculture/tourist/governmental based to…
Hawaii Flora & Fauna
Flora and Fauna
Due to the Hawaiian Islands' isolation, there are many plants and animals that evolved here into separate species. As…
Hawaii Government Building
Hawaii is the fiftieth state in the United States. It is divided into counties and cities with most of the governmental…
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