Natural Hawai'i

The Hawaiian Islands

Big Island Lava Flow
The Big Island
The island of Hawaii is generally referred to as the “Big Island” so as to distinguish it from the state of Hawaii.…
View of Oahu from the skies
Oahu is nicknamed ‘The Gathering Place’. Its flower is the delicate yellow-orange Lima and it’s official color as well.…
Maui has much to offer the visitor, including beautiful landscapes, white-sand beaches, world-class water sports, and…
Kauai is named ‘The Garden Island’ for its lush scenery. Being the oldest island, its mountains are smoother and less…
The Island of Molokai
Molokai’s official flower is the white kukui blossom, its official color is green and its nickname is ‘The Friendly…
Lanai, The (Dole) Pineapple Island
Castle & Cooke, which owns 95% of Lanai through its Dole subsidiary, is attempting to turn rural Lanai into an excluse…
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